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Basic Information

KIMLA CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are designed for material processing by milling, cutting, punching, and burning on computer-controlled machines (Numerical Machine Tools). Simple in design and operation, they are also characterized by exceptional reliability and high innovation. They have been designed entirely by Polish engineers who are guided primarily by the efficiency, which in many cases exceeds CNC machine tools of foreign producers. In addition, our devices are very easy to use.

Thanks to a unique, innovative control system, which, by analyzing successive vectors, interactively determines the dynamic parameters of the transition, we have obtained an increase in the efficiency of CNC machine tools by reducing the total time of making the detail to a minimum. Due to the fact that most of the elements used in the machines are made in Poland, we are able to provide the shortest service time among the competition.

CNC control systemtogether with CAD / CAM software is produced in our company, so we guarantee the highest integrity of the system, and we emphasize its innovation by using unique technologies developed in our company. Due to the fact that new solutions are implemented into our machines every few months, the devices we produce always contain the latest solutions. The control software works in the Windows environment and is in Polish. The control system includes a unique dynamic vector analysis module, which enables a significant increase in machine tool performance, especially with complex shapes, and the use of servo drives communicating via real-time Ethernet enables extremely precise mapping of machined shapes by minimizing dynamic position errors. In the first half of 2008, we implemented the latest version of the control system with a 3rd generation dynamic vector analysis module. The monolithic, ground, steel supporting structure of the table and the spatial, ribbed door elements, cast from light alloys and cast iron, ensure a favorable weight ratio between the body and the movable elements. This ensures excellent dynamics of the device, and the speeds of working movements reach 1 m / s.

In BFN devices, all sliding elements have been eliminated in favor of a linear rolling bearing. The gear ratio of the drives is carried out by means of precise, ground ball screws devoid of any backlash, which ensures a positioning resolution of up to 0.001mm. Our CNC machines enable milling of 3D spatial forms, which enables the production of various types of tools: injection molds, foundry models, thermoforming models, sockets and punches for molds and dies. We are able to solve any problems related to the specific applications of machines by adjusting the dimensions and equipment of the devices to the specific needs of the customer.

Kimla CNC machine tools are able to process any material that can be machined. You can cut and mill plastics, foam, solid wood, MDF, plywood, hard materials, composites, metals, stone. After installing the cutting head with an active oscillating knife, you can cut corrugated cardboard, rubber, leather, textiles, stencils or masks made of rubber, foil, and plastics. The possibility of installing many parallel heads provides even greater efficiency. Our CNC milling machines have been working for many years in several hundred Polish companies of various industries. Advertising studios, production plants, rapid prototyping departments, engraving studios and carpentry workshops have appreciated our devices, recommending them to our future customers.