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Durability of CNC Machine

Our machines are designed for professional use and therefore we have eliminated all the sliding elements in their design, starting with linear motion bearings and ending with brushless drives and a brushless spindle.

All elements moving each other reciprocally are mounted on rolling bearings and there is no need for their scheduled periodic replacement (such as brake pads in the car). Thanks to this the working life of our machines is impressive. For over fifteen years of production and implementation of hundreds of CNC machines we have not recorded a case in which a customer would request a general overhaul of the equipment produced by our company. However, in order to meet the growing demands of our customers we offer upgrades of our older machines mainly by exchanging control systems on newer versions at preferential prices.

This is possible through the use of components of only well-known and reputable international companies such as Bosch Rexroth, IKO, NB, ISEL, ELTE, HSD, IGUS. With this approach, the client has a lot of solid and reliable sources of supply of all the components applied in our machines, which ensures continuous and long-term operating.